Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Well, the last couple off days have been interesting to say the least. 
You always here about people getting murdered on telly or in the newspaper but you never think that one day the person you know, will be there person getting murdered. its hard to believe that there are people like that round near you town or city, its something you never ever sit and think about till its happened, like why? or who could do that, everyone you walk passed seems to sound or look nice and safe. Well thats what i thought till the other day a young boy went missing, after texting hes friends that he had just left to meet them, next thing you know hes missing, without a trace, couple off days later hes body is fount, its horrible, what has the world actually come to? who could kill an innocent boy? its sick and wrong. 
No one should have the right to say if someone should live on not. I hope who ever did this is fount! 

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  1. I totally agree with you. Nobody should decide If someone should live or not. The sad thing is that the murderers usually kill for no reason. I hear about young boys being stabbed to death a lot, as knife crime in scotland is a big problem. It's so sad. I am so scared sometimes, as I am a mum to a beautiful innocent boy and I can't imagine if something happened to him.