Thursday, 2 February 2012

Why is it when you need someone the most there never their, but they except you too be there for them? I swear this blog is becoming more and more depressing each time i writing on it, i guess it's the only way I can let my feelings out?

I mean have you ever walked in to a room fall off people and felt totally alone? Because thats how I feel everyday, and I know I have family to talk to, but some times you just wanna be able to talk to someone else someone who isn't gonna say anything just sit there and listen. I use to have a person i could do that with, just lay there and talk about everything, i didn't have to hide anything i could be myself, tell them all my problems or worries and they would just tell me it will be fine, i just need that again.. 
i feel like im carrying everyone else's problems as well as my own. 
Its just sad to think that know one can see how i feel, my friend was killed, yet no one understands how i feel, the world still works around them, i dont no how much more i can take

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