Thursday, 12 April 2012

So I'm 11weeks 2days today, I never thought id get to 11weeks. I'm so happy, I'm not bothered on whatever everyone else has to say anymore, yes I'm having a baby deal with it.
I see my widwife tomorrow, even get to here the heart beat which is apparently really emotional, i can't wait, then Wednesday i get too see my little baby. So excited

Saturday, 7 April 2012

I must be showing more than i think i am, as im meeting people i haven't seen for a month or two and there saying they can see a little bump coming, some are saying there jealous that they didnt show till they were 22weeks, maybe because im small its strange seeing me with a little bit off fat, or baby bump coming alone, it had me in tears, as yes before i got pregnant i had problems with eating and my worse fear in the world was to get fat, so if i saw that i was putting on weight id stop eating anything, but i guess because i know i now have no choice i have to eat, its hard seeing that im putting on weight, but i hope that at the end off this ill look at food different and maybe wont me as scared to put weight on, i dont no.

So the last past day or so I've notice that anything jay is saying is annoying me, I'm not one to get annoyed, I don't no what it is he might not even have done anything and I'm fed up and annoyed with him, then the next minute I'm totally fine and acting normal again as if nothing had just happened, I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm not liking it

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

So heres my belly at 10Weeks one day, Most people might not see any different than just a normal size belly, but the people that know see a big difference, i was size 4, size 0 in the usa, and all off the sudden out off no where, this belly came, ive always been small for my age, its just my build and im lucky, but i have no clothes bigger than and size 4, im not really sure if a belly should be growing at 10weeks? Even family and friends are shocked, keep joking about it being twins.. Im just telling myself ive eaten to much, I still dont even eat that much... Maybe im just gonna have a baby bump sooner because im small anyways? I walk around college just feeling fat, because under clothes it doesnt really look like a bump yet, just that ive put on weight...Not a nice look in my eyes, ive always had a fear off getting fat... But anyways the only thing that has been helping me stay in my old jeans are belly belt, its pretty good, but its not really work anymore... On the plus sizes i get to see my baby, or babies again on the 18th off this month! i cant wait, Yes i said babies everyone thinks its twins, even the midwife, But we shall see 14 days :)