Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Well, the last couple off days have been interesting to say the least. 
You always here about people getting murdered on telly or in the newspaper but you never think that one day the person you know, will be there person getting murdered. its hard to believe that there are people like that round near you town or city, its something you never ever sit and think about till its happened, like why? or who could do that, everyone you walk passed seems to sound or look nice and safe. Well thats what i thought till the other day a young boy went missing, after texting hes friends that he had just left to meet them, next thing you know hes missing, without a trace, couple off days later hes body is fount, its horrible, what has the world actually come to? who could kill an innocent boy? its sick and wrong. 
No one should have the right to say if someone should live on not. I hope who ever did this is fount! 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

This seems to be turning in to more off a diary that a blog, 
so its a saturday and im sitting at home, on my own, i have such amazing life.
i would go out with my friends, but one off them is pregnant, i dont have a problem with her being pregnant, im happy for her, but every time we go out all we seem to talk about is her baby, and after awhile it starts to get boring and annoying, yeah i love her to bits, but me and my other friends have stuff going on in our life as well that we would like to share and talk about, but all we get to hear is baby this baby that, then when she does stop talking about the baby, the baby scan is due and then were stuck with her talking about baby and everything.
i feel bad, but i dont wanna hear about her baby every day. i have other things on my mind. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Monday, 23 January 2012

First love.....

First love? Does everyone remember there's still? I do. Im starting to think this love crap sucks way more than i thought it did, see i had the perfect boyfriend, well i did, till he decided xbox and friends were more important, dont get me wrong, i didn't mind he played on it or saw hes friends, i use to play it with him sometimes, but he turned out to be a waste off space, yeah i loved him and didn't wanna lose him he was my world.
But over night things changed on hes behalf he didn't want to be in a relationship, he didnt say why and it was over text! We had been together for over a year and he didnt even have the guts to tell me, hurt sooo much, to top it all it was two days after my granddads death. Twat aye?
But he played mind games wanted me back, then he didnt, then he did, then he didnt want anyone to know, so on and so on....Why i bothered i dont no. love does stupid things to you.
couple off months later hes now with a 16year old school kid. When were 18 going on 19, is that just me or is it abit erm.....weird? she cant go out or anything, but thats not the point i wasnt hurt he was in one, i moved on, what hurt the most was he lied! he said the day before 'facebook' told me he was now with some kid, he said he didnt wanna be in a relationship, and that we could best friends? Ha who lies to their best freinds? No one... 
Then he turns everything round on to me, when ive only been trying to sort my head out, ive had so much crap going on, and he wasnt helping me at all!

So yeahh i dont think i wanna be in 'love' again. It always turns out to be a nightmare. Boys and girls just want different things, boys football, and xbox, girls love and someone to talk too.  
I hate it when people act like they know you and try and tell you what you can and cant do, when they haven't got a clue, what your like or how you're feeling.
If people didnt go on all the time, or thought about themselves and actually stood back and looked at everyone elses lives then they might understand how we feel.
Not everyone is about you. 
Other people have feelings too.
Ive always been there for you and your put it back in my face and dont even care how i feel, when i need you this most. 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Me and my lovely sister, wired how much we have changed
Years ago we use to get away with being twins and nowa days, we look nothing alike, and hardly seem to do the same things together anymore. I miss the old days 
Okay so my group off friends have all split up, What am i spose to do? Im friends with both off the groups. They seem to both me using me to find stuff out about each other, 
I dont even no why they have fallen out, because i was ill at the time, but all i know now is that when we have class the class is awkward as hell, theres friends sitting on one side off the class then others on the other side. 
Its starting to get stupid, i dont even think they no what there fighting over anymore, there just starting fights for the fun off it. 
One 'girl' has been a bit off a bitch, writing stuff all over facebook about it, and shes even starting to have ago at me, because im trying to stay friends with everyone, yeah i know shes only 16 and they girls im hanging with are the same age as me, it doesn't mean anything age is just a number i guess. But i cant keep both sides happy, there making it a compition on who they can get me to hang with, and its starting to do my head it, there all lovely girls, well they were all lovely girls, the over group off 'friends' have shown there true colours and its not a pretty site. So for now i guess ill just have to try and stay friends with both sides and if they dont like that then there isn't much else i can do.....

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Best Friends <3

Ughhh Boys!.....

Where do i start? 
There so confusing, You think you have 'fount the one' then suddenly you see a totally different side to them. I was in a long term relationship, Then suddenly out of the blue he doesn't wanna be in a relationship anymore? Confusing aye? Well thats just the start. He honestly was one off the nicest boys i had met, but i realized he was the same as every over boy out there in the end, you dont dump some one over text. How old are you? 13? No 18. if you gonna dump someone do it probably, and dont mess with there head after it isn't fair. One minute they wanna be with you again next minute they dont, To Top it all hes now with some 16 year old school kid. I dont care that hes moved on fair enough, but he lied me to a day before 'facebook' told me he was in a relationship. He was saying the same thing he didn't wanna be in a relationship. 
It isn't till your out off a relationship you see how 'bad' off a boyfriend he was, i mean sure i wasn't perfect no one is, but at least i didn't forget hes birthday or dump in a day after someone he loved died. Unlike him. he did all off that. 
Yeah im only 18, ill get over it in time, but he hurt me, i dont trust boys at all anymore, i can go out and live my life, but i was hoping he would off been part off my life. I guess you never no what happens in the future. 
But for now im staying well clear off boys!