Saturday, 28 January 2012

This seems to be turning in to more off a diary that a blog, 
so its a saturday and im sitting at home, on my own, i have such amazing life.
i would go out with my friends, but one off them is pregnant, i dont have a problem with her being pregnant, im happy for her, but every time we go out all we seem to talk about is her baby, and after awhile it starts to get boring and annoying, yeah i love her to bits, but me and my other friends have stuff going on in our life as well that we would like to share and talk about, but all we get to hear is baby this baby that, then when she does stop talking about the baby, the baby scan is due and then were stuck with her talking about baby and everything.
i feel bad, but i dont wanna hear about her baby every day. i have other things on my mind. 

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