Thursday, 8 March 2012

First off all i saw my baby and he/she is amazing! its growing and doing what it should be, i saw a heart beat it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen, it hadnt really sunk in that i was carrying a baby, till yesterday when i saw there little heart beat.

I wanted to keep baby a secret till 12 weeks, i heard that was the safely mark? but anyway that was my plan, ive only told 4people, mum,dad, donna and jay (my boyfriend) but somehow the whole off my college has fount out, i havent said a word to anyone, its frustrating, because its my news too tell, not anyone elses and for some reason they think they have the right to share it with the whole college and even my sisters school, its not that im embarrassed, yes im a teen parent but as long as ive got my family for support i dont care what people say, i just didnt want everyone else to know yet, no one else in my family knows, my family is pretty big, my nan has 34 granchildren and 23 grate granchildren, so my family is big and thats just close family, i have family that go to my college and live in my street i didnt even no about, till the other day, and if something like this gets out, everyone else will know before ive told my nans or granddad. 

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