Wednesday, 22 February 2012

So today has been an interesting day, everyone now knows im pregnant, not that i wanted anyone to know till i was over 12weeks, but you tell one person and the whole world finds out. 
you cant tell anyone anything nowa days, even stays quiet for long. Not much i can do about it now aye? To top it all my boyfriends mum is trying to make me have abortion, isnt it up too me?i dont beilieve in them, never have never will. thats just me. 
Not only did that happen, my ex's girlfriends friend, thought it would be nice to share that when i was still with him, him and this girl had been seeing each other, i have nothing wrong with my boyfriends having girls who are friends, but its a tad weird when they suddenly get together after a month off 'us' splitting up, so out off anger what i think is understandable i called them both names, but noo, her friend has to go tell me ex and turn it round like i was bitching about her, does anyone else wanna have ago at me, im 18 and i feel like im back at primary school, why is everyone two faced. 
But then they can say you can only count your true friends on one hand. 

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