Saturday, 25 February 2012

5weeks and 3days pregnant

So my family now know im having a baby. 
At first they were angry and upset, what i was expecting to be honest, 
The hardest person to tell was dad, i dont no why i just didnt wanna hurt him i guess. 
So after a day or two they have got use to the idea that im now having a baby off my own, and we have spoke about what is best for me and the baby, And as i dislike abortions with a passion, i have decided im keeping it. What there totally fine with, they said there support me in anyway i need, which is nice to know. 
On the other hand my boyfriends parents are mad, they have voiced how they feel and that they wanted me to abort it, but im a strong headed person and im not going too.
Im having this baby with there support or not, that may sound harsh but its my body, yeah me and him both made it so we should both choose what we wanna do, but i dont believe in abortions, so in this case, he doesnt have much say, hes okay with that though, hes just a bit shocked, as we wasnt planning to have a baby. 

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