Monday, 27 February 2012

So saw the midwife today, wasn't as back as i thought it would be, i was a tad scared, as i didn't want to find out the baby was in the wrong place or hadnt be developing, but thankfully the baby was fine, nothing wrong, the right size for how many weeks.

Its funny how people treat teenagers different because there pregnant, it doesnt mean we are going to be crap mum's or anything, were just a bit younger than the normal mum, they act like we arent gonna be able to cope, with the right support were be alright, its people who comment on how bad they think were be, yeah im 18, but when my baby is born ill be 19. i dont think thats young, yeah its not 20, or whatever but im older than most teen mums, and does age really matter? as long as your happy, in a nice relationship, which i am, have a support network around you, then it couldn't matter if your 18 or 23. I come from a massive family and i know there always be there no matter what, so im happy, i couldn't careless what people could think now. ive had enough off people commenting on it 

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