Saturday, 11 February 2012

Old times..

Ever wish you were back at school? When everything was easy, and given too you..
Everyone says school is the best time off your life, and the time your like yeah right, then when your older, and have left school and in college, you see that yeah it is the best times off your life, the only thing that you every had to worry about was what to wear on tag day, or your make up. 

Soon as those days are gonna things slowly change, nothing comes easy anymore, people change, and you have to make new friends, and with everything changing you start to lose your old friends, i know i have, we tried to keep in contact but with college, boyfriends and everything, you never have time. 
Me and my best friend were like twins, we did everything together, are work, town, sleepovers, even holiday, But then we started college and shes became this different person, someone i had never seen before, someone i wouldnt normally be friends with, she started bitching about everyone, me, showing off, totally changed from the girl i knew. 
I just miss the older times, im only 18 but so much as changed since i was 16...

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