Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ughhh Boys!.....

Where do i start? 
There so confusing, You think you have 'fount the one' then suddenly you see a totally different side to them. I was in a long term relationship, Then suddenly out of the blue he doesn't wanna be in a relationship anymore? Confusing aye? Well thats just the start. He honestly was one off the nicest boys i had met, but i realized he was the same as every over boy out there in the end, you dont dump some one over text. How old are you? 13? No 18. if you gonna dump someone do it probably, and dont mess with there head after it isn't fair. One minute they wanna be with you again next minute they dont, To Top it all hes now with some 16 year old school kid. I dont care that hes moved on fair enough, but he lied me to a day before 'facebook' told me he was in a relationship. He was saying the same thing he didn't wanna be in a relationship. 
It isn't till your out off a relationship you see how 'bad' off a boyfriend he was, i mean sure i wasn't perfect no one is, but at least i didn't forget hes birthday or dump in a day after someone he loved died. Unlike him. he did all off that. 
Yeah im only 18, ill get over it in time, but he hurt me, i dont trust boys at all anymore, i can go out and live my life, but i was hoping he would off been part off my life. I guess you never no what happens in the future. 
But for now im staying well clear off boys!

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