Sunday, 22 January 2012

Okay so my group off friends have all split up, What am i spose to do? Im friends with both off the groups. They seem to both me using me to find stuff out about each other, 
I dont even no why they have fallen out, because i was ill at the time, but all i know now is that when we have class the class is awkward as hell, theres friends sitting on one side off the class then others on the other side. 
Its starting to get stupid, i dont even think they no what there fighting over anymore, there just starting fights for the fun off it. 
One 'girl' has been a bit off a bitch, writing stuff all over facebook about it, and shes even starting to have ago at me, because im trying to stay friends with everyone, yeah i know shes only 16 and they girls im hanging with are the same age as me, it doesn't mean anything age is just a number i guess. But i cant keep both sides happy, there making it a compition on who they can get me to hang with, and its starting to do my head it, there all lovely girls, well they were all lovely girls, the over group off 'friends' have shown there true colours and its not a pretty site. So for now i guess ill just have to try and stay friends with both sides and if they dont like that then there isn't much else i can do.....

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