Monday, 23 January 2012

First love.....

First love? Does everyone remember there's still? I do. Im starting to think this love crap sucks way more than i thought it did, see i had the perfect boyfriend, well i did, till he decided xbox and friends were more important, dont get me wrong, i didn't mind he played on it or saw hes friends, i use to play it with him sometimes, but he turned out to be a waste off space, yeah i loved him and didn't wanna lose him he was my world.
But over night things changed on hes behalf he didn't want to be in a relationship, he didnt say why and it was over text! We had been together for over a year and he didnt even have the guts to tell me, hurt sooo much, to top it all it was two days after my granddads death. Twat aye?
But he played mind games wanted me back, then he didnt, then he did, then he didnt want anyone to know, so on and so on....Why i bothered i dont no. love does stupid things to you.
couple off months later hes now with a 16year old school kid. When were 18 going on 19, is that just me or is it abit erm.....weird? she cant go out or anything, but thats not the point i wasnt hurt he was in one, i moved on, what hurt the most was he lied! he said the day before 'facebook' told me he was now with some kid, he said he didnt wanna be in a relationship, and that we could best friends? Ha who lies to their best freinds? No one... 
Then he turns everything round on to me, when ive only been trying to sort my head out, ive had so much crap going on, and he wasnt helping me at all!

So yeahh i dont think i wanna be in 'love' again. It always turns out to be a nightmare. Boys and girls just want different things, boys football, and xbox, girls love and someone to talk too.  

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